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National Boba Day
Sunday, April 30th, 2023

About Event

WHEN: Sunday, April 30th, 9 am - 4 pm


WHERE: 1225 Alpine Avenue located in the Ideal Market Plaza. Look for the balloons on our patio!

ABOUT: Join us for National Boba Day! We are hosting this event to raise money for the Humane Society and bring a fun new annual tradition to our community. There will be a chance to win prizes, play games, take cute pictures, and get discounted boba drinks all day long.

WHAT: By purchasing a raffle ticket, you have the chance to win one of our 5 amazing prizes, a discount on any of our retail items, access to food samples, and one boba flight (with a choice of 1 type of milk). 

Prizes you could win:


1. Boba Kit - Reusable boba straw, cup, and a free drink coupon.

2. Apparel Kit - Free T-Shirt, sticker, and pin. 

3. Cutie Kit - Boba plushie, keychain, name our new drink.

4. Home Kit - 2 mugs, a towel, and a jar of one of Pekoe's tea blends. 

5. One month of free drinks! (punch card will be provided.)


PLEASE NOTE: Raffle tickets can ONLY be redeemed on the day of National Boba Day, APRIL 30TH from 9 am - 4 pm. This includes boba flights and retail discounts. Please hold on to your tickets until the day of the event. You can redeem the specials on your raffle ticket ONLY on APRIL 30TH. Thank you.

All boba drinks will be 20% off with or without a raffle ticket.


Winners will be announced at the end of the day, so hold on to your raffle ticket! 

WHO: Donations from proceeds will be going to The Humane Society. 

*PSA: As a friendly reminder there are other businesses in our plaza, please be considerate and respectful of their spaces and customers (no littering, yelling, or hovering around their doors/patios).*


We will be making a donation from the proceeds to the Humane Society! 


We will have board games set up around the cafe and a corn hole corner as well! 


All boba drinks will be 20% off all day long. This includes popping boba. You can get 15% off any retail items with the purchase of a raffle ticket.


We have a project under way that will be a cute addition to your Insta feed. Stay tuned to see the result!


With a raffle ticket, you can get access to a flight of boba, food samples, 15% off any retail items, and a chance to win any of our 5 prize baskets!


We will have a variety of food samples available with the purchase of a raffle ticket! 


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