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About Us

The new Founders of Pekoe are Jeff Rommel and Alisha Mason. Jeff has been an active entrepreneur for the past 20 years. He strives to expand and bring the community together by pushing Pekoe in a new, refreshing direction. Alisha is a former professional barista and has always had an eye for design. She utilized her skills to revamp the atmosphere of Pekoe into the open, charming space you see today. They teamed up with Nick De Maio who has been a manager with Pekoe for the past nine years, providing excellent knowledge, compassion and service each step of the way. They are excited for this opportunity to keep the traditions of Pekoe alive while bringing new creations to the community.


Handmade Locally By Yours Truly.

As professionally trained chefs, the owners have taken their cafe food options to the next level. A majority of the food and pastries at Pekoe are made by Jeff and Alisha from scratch. Not only are you getting delicious, and unique treats but you're also getting it straight from a local source. 

There's Something for Everyone.

From Our Cup To Yours, Cheers!

We put a lot of care into what goes into our community's cups. That's why we strive to source locally and organically to give you the best boba, tea, and coffee possible. All while ensuring that we provide creative seasonal offerings to keep things fresh and fun.  


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