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September 18, 2015

5 Yoga Practices (And Their Perfect Tea Pairing)

September is National Yoga Month, and for the team at Pekoe Sip House, an ideal time to celebrate the connection between tea and the practice of yoga.

Traditionally, tea is served after class to help the mind and body process the yoga practice and prepare for the transition into a busy day. During this time, we mentally and physically move from an individual experience on the mat to the social experience of sharing tea. One of the most popular types of tea for this purpose is called ‘yogi tea.’ Pekoe House Chai is very similar to yogi tea, incorporating traditional Ayurvedic spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cloves into an Assam black tea base. To serve as yogi tea is served, sweeten this spirited black tea blend with milk and honey.

Healthy Tea for Yoga Lovers

Tea has a place before class as well, which can be equally vital to a healthy and mindful practice as the post-yoga tea ritual. In addition to hydrating the body, tea provides a steadier and more focused energy boost. A wholesome tea in its pure loose-leaf form has excellent health benefits – certain teas can reduce inflammation, aid digestion, and ease pain. Tea and yoga individually will enrich your life – just think what the combination of both can do for you!

Here are five beneficial yoga styles for tea lovers.



Enjoy black tea before an energetic practice, such as Ashtanga or Vinyasa.

The caffeine in Pekoe Sip House black tea blends can improve circulation, so they are great for more athletic yoga styles. Ashtanga and Vinyasa move continuously from pose to pose, coordinating breath with movement, and building internal heat. The resulting sweat detoxifies the muscles and organs. Prepare your body for physically active yoga with Coconut Black Tea, a hydrating blend of black tea that can improve circulation and stamina. As a bonus, black teas can help burn calories and may reduce cardiovascular problems.

After Class: Focus on rehydrating your body with low-caffeine White Peony Tea, which contain cardio-protective and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients.



Enjoy green tea before meditative yoga practices with long-held poses, such as Hatha or Kundalini.

A calm and meditative mindset is key to a rewarding Hatha yoga experience, and the practice of Kundalini yoga often incorporates chanting and meditation. To prepare the mind for a yoga style that materially incorporates your mental state, select a tea that will increase focus and attention. Research links polyphenols in green tea to increased cognitive function, making green tea a go-to choice for meditation sessions.

Sunny Green Tea, made with papaya and pineapple, will treat your tastebuds while providing nourishing all-day energy and focus. Green teas, like our Superfoods Green Tea with goji berries or powerhouse Matcha Green Tea powder (read more about Matcha’s unique health benefits), are also rich with antioxidants called catechins, which are known to fight heart disease and cancer, and contain anti-inflammatories.

After Class: Pekoe Revival Tea is a wellness-boosting herbal blend with naturally caffeine-free Rooibos tea, peppermint, ginger, licorice root, and cloves. Reward your body after a clarifying practice with a healthy and flavorful loose-leaf tea that also aids in respiration and digestion.



Enjoy mint tea before entering a heated room for Bikram.

A temperature of 95-105 degrees is typical during the practice of Bikram yoga. This heat promotes flexibility, thereby preventing injury, as well as detoxifies muscles and organs. Mint tea activates cells’ cold-sensitive receptors to create a mild cooling sensation, which helps you endure the heat long enough to reap its powerful benefits. Try a simple loose-leaf, organic Peppermint Tea, or take your tastebuds on a journey across the sea with our Moroccan Mint Tea (a mixture of Gunpowder green tea and spearmint).

After Class: Augment the detoxification of the body with our body cleansing and mind soothing Nettle Detox Tea. This detox tea is an herbal blend with blackberry leaves, rosehips, alfalfa, juniper berries, licorice root, jasmine flower, and sage. In addition to cleansing the body, Nettle Detox herbal tea may aid in respiration, which is useful after 60-90 minutes in a hot room!



Enjoy herbal tea before classes with passive or relaxing yoga poses, such as Restorative or Yin.

In Restorative or Yin yoga, the muscles are passively but deeply stretched through long-held poses. Naturally caffeine-free Evening Solace Tea layers digestion-soothing peppermint tea and a hint of vanilla over calming chamomile tea, making it an ideal pairing with relaxing classes.

After Class: Continue the zen and keep things simple with Lavender Fields Tea, a relaxing herbal tea made with organic French lavender… and nothing else.



Enjoy ginger tea before yoga classes focused on injury recovery and joint health, such as Iyengar.

The alignment of the body is key in Iyengar, requiring a slow and deliberate pace, and more time spent holding each pose. This healing practice promotes joint health, and uses props and technique to help those who are older, have injuries, or are new to this style of yoga. Before rehabilitating underused or injured joints, nourish your body and preemptively reduce soreness with our No Pain Rooibos Tea, which incorporates anti-inflammatories turmeric and ginger. This pain-relieving super tea has notes of lemon, cinnamon and apple, making it a delicious and Ayurvedically sound option for aiding recovery before and after exercise.

After Class: Treat yourself with a Gingerly Vanilla Latte. Sweetening pure, organic Ginger Root Tea with organic vanilla agave and steamed milk, this drink tastes like a frosted lemon cookie and is perfect for cooler days.

Healthy Tea for Yoga Lovers

If you’ve visited one of our three Boulder tea cafe locations, you’ll have noticed that Pekoe Sip House encourages guests to Sip. Relax. Enjoy. In this equation, “Sip” is a metaphor for the less hectic. We encourage people to sip drinks to create quality time – time to catch up. Not on the to-do list, but on the important things that are not on the to-do list. Daily, we see parents spending one-on-one time with their child, old friends swapping stories, and early risers thoughtfully enjoying a personal pot of tea. These activities enrich our lives beyond measure, and at Pekoe Sip House we take joy in providing a space for these important moments.

The pick-me-up we offer through our loose leaf teas, tea lattes and coffee drinks is uplifting while being nourishing. We revive and renew. Our “buzz” has staying power because it beckons the energy that is not only inherent in a healthy lifestyle, but more importantly is latent inside ourselves. Yoga and tea are complementary practices – one could even call them rituals – that cultivate a healthy, focused, and self-aware mind and body.

When you approach tea as you approach yoga, you will find a balance between enjoying everyday pleasures and creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle. To do this, simply be present in each moment, with intention held loosely in your mind, and bring awareness to each sip as you would to each breath.



SIP TIP: Our Everyday Wellness Tea Sampler is an excellent tea set to gift yogis seeking to add the ritual and health benefits of loose-leaf tea to their practice. In every cup, yogis will find the energy and nourishment needed to feel their best, on and off the mat. This package contains several teas mentioned in this article, including Pekoe Revival Tea, Superfoods Green Tea, Nettle Detox Tea, and No Pain Rooibos Tea. It also includes energizing Power Sage Berry Tea with Yerba Mate to try before Ashtanga or Vinyasa, and delicately beautiful White Tangerine Tea, a low-caffeine blend with orange peels, marigolds, and tangerines to try before or after a Restorative or Yin practice.  

Shop teas for yoga, and make your next session an inspired one.

September 3, 2015

10 Boba Tea Drinks to Satisfy Every Craving

For the uninitiated, a Boba Tea (also known as Bubble Tea or Pearl Milk Tea) is a combination of tea and milk with tapioca pearls. To make the pearls, starch of the tapioca plant is mixed with water and kneaded into a dough. Small pieces are then broken off, rolled into balls, and laid out to dry. Just before serving, the dry tapioca pearls are tossed into a pot of boiling water and become the sweet, chewy bubbles we all enjoy munching on. At Pekoe Sip House, we prepare our boba fresh every morning to be added to your favorite cold drink.

As we mentioned in our Boba Tea Blog Feature, this exotic tea drink was invented in Taiwan during the 1980s. We have been making Boba Tea at Pekoe’s three Boulder locations since our doors first opened in 2003.

SIP TIP: All Boulder cafe loose-leaf teas can be enjoyed hot, cold, as a latte, or with boba pearls.

Pekoe Sip House Boulder Boba Tea Drinks

Those who have fallen in love with Boba Tea will attest, when you have a craving for Boba nothing else will do! We have a variety of Boba Tea options that should speak directly to those cravings.

Here are 10 ways to enjoy Boba Tea, so your every craving is satisfied:

Give It To Me Straight

You don’t need any bells or whistles to enjoy bubble tea. Boba pearls are as fun to drink as they are to say! So let’s keep it simple to enjoy your boba your way.

 * Original Boba: Since it was invented, the signature Boba Tea blend has been black tea with milk and tapioca pearls. We’ll keep it simple with this traditional boba tea – adding just enough organic agave to leave it sweet.

 * Iced Sunny Green Boba: At Pekoe Sip House, you can add tapioca pearls to any cold drink. Just pick your favorite tea and your favorite milk and let us do the rest! But allow us to suggest one of our most popular choices: a mixture of Sunny Green Tea – green tea with notes of pineapple and papaya – with milk, agave, and tapioca pearls.

Pekoe Sip House Original Boba Tea with Black or Green Tea, Milk, and Tapioca Pearls

Original Boba // Sunny Green Boba


No Caffeine, Please

Whether you are about to relax outside, stretch out on a yoga mat, or simply prefer caffeine-free blends, we have some fun and flavorful options for you.

 * Forbidden Freeze Boba: One of our most popular blended drinks, whipping together organic Forbidden Fruits Tea, Lemonade, agave, and ice – It’s twice the fun when you add chewy tapioca pearls!

 * Iced Rooibos Boba: If there is a drink that is more fun to say than “Rooibos Boba,” we haven’t come across it yet! Say yes to the sweet, rich taste of African “Red Bush” Rooibos Tea with milk, organic agave, and tapioca pearls.

Pekoe Sip House Herbal and Caffeine Free Boba Tea, Milk, and Tapioca Pearls

Forbidden Freeze Boba // Iced Rooibos Boba


Energy At The Same Time

For those of us who need a kick-in-the-pants for a study session, workout, or afternoon with the kids – and those who have an old-fashioned iced coffee addiction – we have the perfect energy boosting tea and coffee drinks to get you going.

 * Iced Vanilla Toddy Boba: Coffee-lovers will feel right at home sipping this Cold Brew Coffee-based Boba Tea with milk, sweet vanilla agave, and tapioca pearls. Made with Pekoe Sip House coffee blends, the Vanilla Toddy Boba is sure to satisfy your coffee craving while delivering the sweet, chewy bubbles you now love.

 * Iced Mate Boba: With more than 40mg of caffeine per cup, South American Yerba Mate Tea is energizing, builds focus, and enhances endurance. Swirled with milk, organic agave, and tapioca pearls, this tea drink will deliver sustainable energy while pleasing your palette (and appealing to your sense of fun).

Pekoe Sip House Energizing Coffee and Iced Mate Tes Boba, Milk, and Tapioca Pearls

Iced Vanilla Toddy Boba // Iced Mate Boba


I Need Comfort Food

Sometimes we just want to feel comforted! Reach for a tea with warm, friendly spices with our Chai Wallah Boba, or sip a dessert-esque drink that draws up the corners of your mouth with our White Strawberry Boba.

 * Chai Wallah Boba: Our organic black tea house Chai contains cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, allspice, and cloves – all ingredients of our favorite warm autumn breads and muffins, but in a cold drink. Mixed with the milk of your choice (dairy, soy, almond), sweetened with a touch of organic agave, and finished with tapioca pearls, of course – this is comfort in a cup!

 * White Strawberry Boba: Forbidden Fruits herbal hibiscus Tea with milk, tapioca pearls, and… Premium White Chocolate? Yes, you heard that right. The best type of dessert is one that can be sipped through an oversized straw. You could consume this drink way too fast if it weren’t for the thoughtful ritual of chewing on tapioca pearls after each sip.

Pekoe Sip House Comforting Sweet and Spiced Boba Teas with Chai and Herbal Fruit Hibiscus Tea, Milk, and Tapioca Pearls

Chai Wallah Boba // White Strawberry Boba


I’m Still Trying to Be Healthy, But…

Matcha Green Tea Powder is the latest and greatest superfood to be called out by The Today Show, Vogue Australia, Real Simple, New York Magazine, and our own Pekoe Sip House Matcha Blog. Treat your body and your tastebuds to our Matcha drink blends with Boba.

 * Matcha Doshu Boba: The more refined of our two popular Matcha Boba Tea drinks, the Matcha Doshu contains organic Matcha green tea, milk, organic agave, and tapioca pearls.

 * Green Buddha Boba: The more decadent of our Matcha Boba drinks, the frozen Green Buddha Boba Tea contains organic grade A Matcha powder, milk, organic agave, and a generous helping of premium white chocolate! Tossing tapioca pearls into one of our most popular blended drinks is a sweet bonus. 

Pekoe Sip House Superfood Matcha Green Boba Tea with Milk and Tapioca Pearls

Matcha Doshu Boba // Green Buddha Boba


SIP TIP: Share your photos of favorite tea and coffee drinks from Pekoe Sip House – bobas included! – on social media via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Google+.

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Thank you for sharing your favorite boba drinks with us!

August 21, 2015

8 Tea Cocktail Recipes for a Homemade Happy Hour

Hosting a homemade happy hour with tea cocktails is a terrific way to gather friends and family for an unforgettable end-of-summer hurrah or fun weekend brunch.

Whether your preference is shaken or stirred, the following eight tea cocktail recipes are sure to please. They feature loose-leaf tea and local Colorado spirits. All loose leaf teas used in the recipes are available to buy online.

The tea cocktail recipes below feature some of our favorite collaborations with three Boulder-local distilleries, all of them producing exceptionally ranked and flavorful artisan spirits: Geek Spirits Rum Distillery, Altitude Spirits, and Suerte Tequila. From savory to sweet, relaxing to energizing, tea cocktails offer the nourishing and hydrating benefits of tea. Cheers!


Pekoe Sip House Iced Tea and Silver Rum Mojito Recipe using local Boulder ingredients

What happens when you take small-batch silver rum from organic Caribbean molasses and combine it with concentrated herbal hibiscus fruit tea, lime, and mint? The resulting mojito is an absolute gem. Try a Forbidden Mojito this August, while this limited-edition cocktail is being poured exclusively at Geek Spirits Rum Distillery in Boulder, CO.

Pekoe Sip House Iced Tea Cocktail with local Boulder rum and blackberries.

The final days of summer also mark the end of blackberry season in Colorado. Grab those late-season berries and toss them into a glass with sugar, caffeine-free hibiscus tea concentrate, and Altitude Spirits Papagayo Rum for a cocktail to satisfy your sweet tooth!



Pekoe Sip House Iced Tea Smash Cocktail with Vodka and Strawberries

Our Sunny Green loose-leaf tea made with pineapple and papaya is a real crowd-pleaser; put it  in a cocktail and you’ll certainly be proclaimed the host/hostess with the most/mostess. Once shaken with U.K.5 vodka imported by Altitude Spirits, strawberry, lemon, and mint, this smashing tea cocktail will have your palette feeling happy and enlivened. The Pekoe Smash tea cocktail is a favorite tea cocktail for summer holidays.

Pekoe Sip House Iced Tea, Watermelon, and Vodka Rose Water Recipe using local Boulder ingredients

There are few fruits more useful in the summer than watermelon. Delicious, refreshing and easy to serve, watermelon is a key ingredient in more than one summer mixed drink. Our Rose Water tea cocktail is made with watermelon, agave nectar, fruit and flower herbal tea, lemon, and locally produced Altitude Spirits Vodka 14. Make it at your next backyard party, and we guarantee it will become your #1 most requested drink!



Pekoe Sip House Lost in Translation Iced Tea Cocktail with local Boulder Suerte tequila and Peach liqueur.

Are you looking to impress your guests? This series of three tequila cocktails prepared by Suerte in Boulder will serve just that purpose. Rocky Mountain peach liqueur from Leopold Brothers in Denver combines beautifully with our naturally sweet Black Tiger tea and Suerte Anejo tequila – aged two years in whiskey barrels. Add a touch of mint and lemon, and your guests will leave the home bar thinking you missed your calling as a mixologist.

SIP TIP: Switch out our classic Black Tiger tea for fruity Sunny Green tea for friends who prefer slightly less caffeine. Exchange the peach liqueur for Cherry Tart Liqueur from Dancing Pines in Loveland for those who prefer a drink that is less sweet and more tart.

Pekoe Sip House Lucky Charms Iced Tea Cocktail with local Boulder Suerte tequila and St. Germain elderflower liqueur.

St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur is made with great care, as is Suerte Silver Tequila and Pekoe Sip House Forbidden Fruits tea. The elderflower blossoms are hand picked in the springtime and carried down from the French Alps on a bicycle to be transformed into liqueur. If you like this romantic idea, you will love this light but entrancing cocktail. One taste is all it takes. 


Pekoe Sip House Cold Brewed Coffee Cocktail Recipe featuring locally sourced Suerte tequila

Fear not, coffee-lovers of the world – there’s something here for you, too! It’s called a Ginger Rabbit and it packs a punch. Spicy liqueur distilled from Vietnamese ginger is balanced by sweetened condensed milk. The addition of cold brewed coffee and Suerte Reposado gold tequila stimulates the palate while invigorating the body. This creamy cocktail is a must-try for those who enjoy bold flavor.



Pekoe Sip House Iced Tea Cocktail with local Boulder Gin.

This cocktail is a perfect sip on a sunny day, and features Altitude Spirits Juniper Gin with a dash of Three Pins Alpine Liqueur from Leopold Brothers. If you like gin, you’ll love the herbal flavor of this tea cocktail’s alcoholic base. A bit of ginger, lemon, and our organic iced green tea brighten up the final flavor of this tasty mix.

Do good ingredients always lead to a good recipe? We believe they do. After all, if there’s one thing we love to play around with at Pekoe, it is food and drink recipes using our high quality loose-leaf teas. Here’s our formula: find a local producer that is as passionate about fine ingredients (and tea) as we are. Suggest a collaboration and hint at a recipe idea. Wait, taste, and be wowed. If you’re committed to tea and enjoy the hard stuff, we’ve got something for you.

Whether you choose a complex cocktail designed to surprise, or an easygoing crowd-pleaser to fill the punch bowl, Pekoe’s tea cocktail recipes are sure to become the new repeat offenders in your home bar.

Forget “pinkies up” and go “bottoms up,” because it’s tea time. Cheers!

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SIP TIP: Looking for a non-alcoholic crowd-pleaser? Simply mix Pekoe iced tea with Boulder-local Rowdy Mermaid kombucha. Flavorful and fizzy!

As always, please drink responsibly.

August 10, 2015

How To Help Save the Honey Bees

Did you know that 1 in 3 bites of your food is pollinated by honey bees?

42% (nearly half!) of honey bees vanished last year. That’s a sobering statistic. A world without bees would be devastating for our planet. That’s why we’re fundraising for the Colorado Beekeepers Association.

And you can help. 20% of all honey sales will be donated to support local bee keepers. Visit a Pekoe Sip House location near you, and help us save the honey bees.

Here are 2 other ways you can help save the honey bees:

  • * Plant flowers in your yard or in flower boxes on your patio.
  • * Reduce or eliminate your personal pesticide use.


alt = boulder tea house to save honey bees


The honey bees are vital to our future. Please help.

August 7, 2015

Best Teas for Energy and Health

ENERGY. We all need it. We all seek it.

Before a busy day, a grueling workout, or a late night study session, we look to caffeine for energy. Some days our lives are a blur of activity, and our energy levels a constant game of keep-up!

Pekoe Sip House Blog: Best Tea for Energy and Health

Energy is often perceived as something external that we consume, like a double shot of espresso. It’s also perceived as something we need, daily, from external sources. And who can blame us?

We all want the energy to go out and seize the day! To accomplish that hard cycling climb up Flagstaff; to pitch a product to a new client; to push through the toughest moment of a long run; to enjoy family time at North Boulder park.

Yet, in order to get through a grueling workout or a busy day, we often turn to coffee or sugar-laden energy drinks. But those sources of energy are typically short-lived and cause “crashes.” Which makes us reach for more, no matter the time of day.

Our energy levels spike, then drop. It’s an up-and-down cycle that leaves us feeling completely drained at the end of the day.

Pekoe Sip House Caffeinated Teas for Long-Lasting Energy to hike, bike, climb, work, and run!

Do you know there’s an energy source that is more gentle and longer lasting?

This is where tea comes in! Tea provides long-lasting energy and focus, with a myriad of additional health benefits. Tea’s reputation as an energizing and health powerhouse often takes a back seat to coffee because the discussion centers around caffeine content. But we are here to tell you that the conversation is leaving something out!

Our best loose-leaf teas for energy and health can provide you with just that — energy that is gradual and long-lasting. Keep reading for more info!

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty details of tea:

* There is caffeine in tea, but its amount varies depending on the kind: black, green, mate, oolong. For instance, black tea contains approximately 40-45 mg of caffeine per 8 oz cup.

* Tea contains an amino acid called L-theanine that can improve attention and cognitive function.

* Research has found that caffeine and L-theanine work synergistically; when combined, they produce an effect that is greater than the sum of their parts. Which means that comparing tea to coffee based on caffeine content alone doesn’t paint the full picture of tea’s energizing benefits.

* The combination of caffeine and L-theanine found in tea provides calmer, longer-lasting, and more focused forms of energy. (No more crashes!)

Pekoe Sip House Tea Blog: Best Tea for Energy and Health

If the benefits of tea for energy sound good to you, the flavor will sound even better! Below are 12 of our best-selling organic teas for energy and health:

BLACK (40-45mg) Black tea provides uplifting energy and burns calories while potentially aiding to reduce cardiovascular problems and delivering a powerful dose of antioxidants.

Black Tiger Tea is a naturally sweet tea from southwestern India that delivers enough uplifting energy for busy parents to keep up with their cubs.

Pekoe Breakfast Tea is a blend of black teas that is ideal for entrepreneurs and career-minded folks who love to hit the ground running each morning.

Coconut Black Tea is a tropical take on a traditional tea to be shared on summer vacation with friends and family.

With black loose-leaf tea, you can enjoy it both hot or iced.

YERBA MATE (40-45mg) Yerba Mate tea is energizing, builds focus, and enhances endurance.

Pekoe Mate Tea is a South American tea that delivers oxygen to your muscles, making it an excellent tea for runners.

Chocolate Hazelnut Mate Tea sprinkles carob and hazelnut bits among toasted mate for a decadent yet healthy buzz.

Power Sage Berry Mate Tea is one of our newest blends, delivering the powerful energy of mate with delicious fruit flavor.

OOLONG (35mg) Oolong tea may help with weight loss, and prevent heart disease and cancer.

Basil Lemonade Oolong Tea with marigold blossoms will cool you off before and after an exhilarating bike ride.

Monkey Picked Oolong Tea a competition grade oolong, great for multiple steeps.

Moolong Tea is made with great care by gently heating the leaves in milk water steam, invoking a distinctly creamy scent and taste.

GREEN (20mg) Green tea provides nourishing energy, may aid with weight loss, has anti-cancer benefits, and contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that stimulate bone density.

Superfoods Green Tea with goji berries and pomegranate seeds is perfect before a weekend hike for a nourishing and delicious boost.

Spicy Green Chai Tea offers the comfort of chai spices with an invigorating kick. The spicy flavor will give you as much of a lift as its caffeine content!

Matcha Green Tea is a savory tea packed with antioxidants (and caffeine). Consume matcha, the health field’s hottest superfood on its own, in latte form, or with boba pearls.

Pekoe Sip House Boulder Loose Leaf Energy Tea - Available Online and at Our Cafes

Sometimes, it feels like our lives have become so fast-paced that we need more energy more consistently than ever. At Pekoe Sip House, we choose a lifestyle that values listening to and nourishing our bodies, cultivating a healthy lifestyle, and deliberately choosing the foods and beverages that will aid in that journey.

Energy is often misperceived to be something external that we bring into ourselves, when in fact energy can be awoken within ourselves. Visit Pekoe Sip House this summer to soak up the energy at our cafes, sip caffeinated tea for a long-lasting energy boost, and begin to awaken the energy latent within yourself.

SIP TIP: The same uplifting energy, delicious flavor, and nourishing qualities of tea are available hot or iced, in all seasons. Brew loose-leaf tea both ways with hot or iced tea filters, or share a pitcher of iced tea with friends and family this summer from our limited-edition loose leaf iced tea kit!