Atlas on CU Campus – Tea & Coffee – 1125 18th St #223, Boulder, CO 80309

Go Buffs! Inside the ATLAS building on campus in the University of Colorado, we are proud to to serve students and faculty alike our signature drinks, including chai, boba tea, blended drinks, lemonade, and other made-to-order drinks to cool you down on a hot summer day (or warm you up on a cold winter morning).

Pekoe is proud to be a part of the Boulder community since 2003. We currently have three locations in Boulder. The other two are near the bustling downtown Boulder area and near the 29th Street Mall area in the Steelyards.

Pekoe Sip House – Boulder Tea & Coffee Cafe 

1125 18th Street
ATLAS Bldg – 320 UCB, Boulder Colorado
Spring/Fall: Mon-Fri 7am – 6pm
Summer: Mon-Fri 8am – 3pm

Drinks we serve:

* loose leaf tea of all kinds – black, green, mate, rooibos, herbal teas

* coffee – fair traded and ethically sourced

* espresso

* lattes – made with espresso or tea

* boba teas – with tapioca balls

* chai – iced and hot

We offer almond milk. Snacks and food to go are also available.

Shop Tea, Shop Loose Leaf Tea, Pekoe Sip House,

Students are socializing, studying and staying caffeinated for what the world will have to offer.

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